LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn discusses Ramona's pinot polar problem, Sonja and Kelly, and Noel's big business.

on Apr 28, 2011

I found Cindy and Sonja's shopping excursion and meeting with Vivienne Tam very interesting to watch for a couple of reasons. First, why didn't Cindy put her temporary veneers on at home before she met Sonja at the store? Second, if Cindy was canceling their lunch, she should have called Sonja before she left her house to tell her of the change of plans. Sonja obviously skipped breakfast in anticipation of lunch at Cipriani! She was cranky and hungry, not a great combination.

Everyone who lives or visits the Hamptons on a regular basis knows that it is not easy to get from one town to the other because of traffic. Nonetheless, Sonja was being insensitive to Cindy by saying she would not go to Quogue for Cindy's birthday party. In this situation, Sonja could have said to Cindy that she had other plans that day and left it at that. 

Life is great in the Hamptons with the kids! They both love their schools and their friends in the Hamptons and they grew up in our house, so it is home to them. We have a lot of fun together going to the beach and hanging out.