LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn shares why she was glad to throw the parties for Jill and Victoria

on Jun 23, 2011

In this episode, you can see why they call a girl's sixteenth birthday the Sweet 16! Victoria was so enthusiastic and easy going while we planned this party. Victoria's poise and grace is unusual in someone so young. I was very proud of her.

I never had a Sweet 16 party for myself, so it was fun to plan this party with Victoria. She's an incredible girl who appreciates the things that I do for her and the years have just flown by.

I thought Jill and Jill's lawyer sister, Lisa, gave Sonja great financial advice and they did it in a way and at time when Sonja could take it in and I hope it was helpful to Sonja. As for Jill's facelift, I now understand why they say no pain, no gain! Ouch. Jill looks fabulous.

Chez Josephine was a great choice for Jill's birthday party because it's theatrical, red and opulent! Our objective when planning this soiree was for Jill to be surrounded by her family and friends and for her to have a great time, which I think she did. Ramona's impression of Jill was over the top and pretty funny, but I don't think Jill thought so. I guess she couldn't resist once she had the red wig on her head. I loved Bobby's toast to Jill, which was brief and heartfelt.

I wasn't upset that Avery's party was the same night as Victoria's because they have different sets of friends and the party was for Victoria, not for me.