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A Little Pregnant

Ramona discusses what was going through her mind on the boat and the "bathroom police."

I can't believe this is the last episode. I also can't believe how I thought I was pregnant! I am always on time and never ever late. When I was in my late forties, I asked my doctor to test me to see if I was pre-menopausal. She said, "Ramona, no such thing. You either are in menopause, or you're not. It’s like being pregnant. You either are or you're not. You can't be a little pregnant." LOL.

Many women get pregnant in between their cycles, and they never know as it doesn't take. I truly believed that happened to me. My breasts were beyond enormous and very sensitive, just the way they were with Avery. I never let anyone know at LuAnn's party, other than Sonja as she brought the test, about what I suspected. Not even Alex. I did not want to take away from LuAnn's party but when the test was there and Mario too, how could I resist?

What was up with Jill? Was she the bathroom police? Are they all so bored they need to watch what Sonja and I do every second?!? It turns out that I was not pregnant. If I was, we would have embraced the child with so much love. I can't believe that right now, as I write this, I am getting teary eyed. Children are the best gift from God. I cherish and thank God everyday for Avery.

After the episode two weeks ago, many of you were commenting on Avery revealing my age! LOL! So many asked, "What's your secret?" There are no secrets. I work out regularly, eat healthy, use sunblock, and my anti-aging skincare. Just take care of yourself. That's what is most important. I take care of myself and stay very thankful for my continued health.

It was a pleasure to hear Natalie Cole sing with LuAnn. I know Natalie and have attended many parties with her. She is an absolutely joy to be around and a lovely woman.

I want to thank you all for your continued support at my Ramona Pinot Grigio Signings. At each signing, one dollar for every bottle sold goes to a local domestic violence shelter. Please check here for my upcoming appearances and I hope you can come out to support a great cause.

For all of those talking about the jewelry I wear on the show, thank you for the compliments! All of the pieces are my own designs for True Faith and HSN.

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Ramona: Heather Was Trying to Be a Friend to Bethenny

Ramona talks about the birthday dinner and her feelings on the Bethenny/Heather exchange.

AOA Bar and Grill in Tribeca is such a great place. I am so happy to be part of it. It’s upbeat, fun, casual with great food at reasonable prices. Let's not forget we have Ramona Pinot Grigio there! What could be better? Perhaps working with Peter? I must say I enjoy working with him at AOA, and from what I saw on the show, it come across. LOL.

Bethenny hates her birthday; I was surprised she was having a celebration for it. I was happy we made up, and she invited me. It was so funny when Bethenny said she wanted to dance on the table! So of course I jumped up to join her as, after all, it was her birthday, and I wanted to help her to get the party going.

I was surprised by the way Bethenny reacted, and I know Heather was shocked. 

Ramona Singer

I thought Heather was trying to be a friend to Bethenny by explaining how Kristen was feeling. She just wanted to pave the road between the two ladies. I was surprised by the way Bethenny reacted, and I know Heather was shocked. Who knew this would turn out to be a fight?!

Last but not least, I enjoyed watching the interaction between Adam and Carole. Especially when they rode off into the sunset...on a bike!

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