Ramona Singer

Ramona shares why she packed (and unpacked) the way she did and what she really thinks of her travel companions.

on May 26, 2011

Morocco here we are! What an exotic place!!! We were traveling all night, and I had been up since 8 am the day before we arrived. But, I was so excited to be there. The place LuAnn found was stunning. My room had the most magnificent and tremendous terrace off of it. I was in heaven.

I always unpack as soon as I arrive (Mario got me into the habit). When LuAnn introduced us to the staff and said they would help us with whatever we needed, I jumped right on it and said, "Could you please help me unpack?" How did that get changed to LuAnn saying that I asked someone to unpack my bags? I said "help."

I have extremely sensitive skin (that's why I developed Tru Renewal skincare). I needed to make sure the house had 100 percent cotton sheets and feather pillows otherwise I would have just packed my own. The same thing goes for my five pound weights! If LuAnn was a proper hostess, she would have emailed us to ask if we had any special requests. I always do that before people stay with me. So, since she never did, I emailed her to ask if the home had these and also thought of making sure all the ladies would have plenty of hangers in the rooms. Don't you hate it when you stay at a hotel and there are never enough hangers? I always have to call for more when I arrive. That LuAnn felt the need to say negative things behind my back is beyond me. Why does LuAnn keep acting if she is the sole hostess? Did she forget it was Sonja's idea to have this trip and that they are co-hosts?

I went out with Sonja, the other hostess, for lunch at a nearby five star hotel. We found out while at the hotel, that it was proper to wear the same clothes we wear in NYC when you go out; that Marrakech is westernized. It's only if you are at a temple or holy place that you need to be covered. That's why I packed enough for seven people! LOL!

LuAnn really did not know the proper attire so I just packed a ton! One bag was devoted just to my newest pieces for True Faith Jewelry. All the jewelry I wear on every episode are my own designs. Oh! The dresses LuAnn made fun of? They are designed by David Meister, the very designer she wants to wear. Did you notice the first night we went out LuAnn had on a dress with a deep V? Why is she making fun of me behind my back? Even Jill, Kelly, and Cindy got involved.