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Debbie Downers

Ramona shares why she packed (and unpacked) the way she did and what she really thinks of her travel companions.

Morocco here we are! What an exotic place!!! We were traveling all night, and I had been up since 8 am the day before we arrived. But, I was so excited to be there. The place LuAnn found was stunning. My room had the most magnificent and tremendous terrace off of it. I was in heaven.

I always unpack as soon as I arrive (Mario got me into the habit). When LuAnn introduced us to the staff and said they would help us with whatever we needed, I jumped right on it and said, "Could you please help me unpack?" How did that get changed to LuAnn saying that I asked someone to unpack my bags? I said "help."

I have extremely sensitive skin (that's why I developed Tru Renewal skincare). I needed to make sure the house had 100 percent cotton sheets and feather pillows otherwise I would have just packed my own. The same thing goes for my five pound weights! If LuAnn was a proper hostess, she would have emailed us to ask if we had any special requests. I always do that before people stay with me. So, since she never did, I emailed her to ask if the home had these and also thought of making sure all the ladies would have plenty of hangers in the rooms. Don't you hate it when you stay at a hotel and there are never enough hangers? I always have to call for more when I arrive. That LuAnn felt the need to say negative things behind my back is beyond me. Why does LuAnn keep acting if she is the sole hostess? Did she forget it was Sonja's idea to have this trip and that they are co-hosts?

I went out with Sonja, the other hostess, for lunch at a nearby five star hotel. We found out while at the hotel, that it was proper to wear the same clothes we wear in NYC when you go out; that Marrakech is westernized. It's only if you are at a temple or holy place that you need to be covered. That's why I packed enough for seven people! LOL!

LuAnn really did not know the proper attire so I just packed a ton! One bag was devoted just to my newest pieces for True Faith Jewelry. All the jewelry I wear on every episode are my own designs. Oh! The dresses LuAnn made fun of? They are designed by David Meister, the very designer she wants to wear. Did you notice the first night we went out LuAnn had on a dress with a deep V? Why is she making fun of me behind my back? Even Jill, Kelly, and Cindy got involved.

I am glad I went out to lunch with Sonja we were able to get the lay of the land. We met people we knew and had a blast only to come back to the Debbie Downers (the brunettes). Why can't they lighten up? We are on vacation! Sonja, Alex, and I wanted to kick back. I wanted to have fun and party a little! What is wrong with that? Next time, we should leave them home.

I am a control freak and the designer was not putting our names down on what we chose. I am short and petite and would look like a butterball in anything full and billowy. I know what I like, and I have very precise tastes. I wasn't trying to insult the designer, but if he was creating designs especially for us I wanted to make sure it worked for me.

Brad was at my home several times this summer, and I was looking forward to seeing him. When Jill was calling him out about exaggerating that it was his house I almost peed in my pants. It was the kettle calling the pot black. Jill always exaggerates about her possessions! She rented a yellow Ferrari for one week and told everyone Bobby bought it for her. She sold her Hamptons' home four years ago but continually told people she owned it (she was actually renting it from the new owners). I am seeing so much negativity from some of these girls. How did I ever become friends with them?

Why is Jill always watching me and making nasty comments? Is she that bored with her own life?

My telephone did not work, and I was looking at photos! I was not texting or emailing. I did have fun at Brad's home. Watching it replayed, it looks like Sonja and I were the only ones having fun! The snake was scary to me, and I had to hold on to the people closest to me as I was freaked!

Were we a little tipsy by the end of the night? Absolutely, but we were not driving. We were just unwinding and having Turtle Time. Also, we had now been up for over 34 hours straight! We were tipsy just on lack of sleep!!!

The psychic readings on everyone were very interesting. I, for one, never take what they say to heart. It's strange though, how some people love to jump on anything that's negative. I don't want to give away what happened next so wait until next week!

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Kristen: John’s Hands Got a Little Too Friendly

Kristen talks about starting her own blog and John's "friendly" hands.

Go Bethenny, woo hoo! I am watching this thinking, awesome, a new set of eyes and new person taking on the Miss Morgan roller coaster. Folks, you honestly don’t believe it or her (Sonja) until you experience it with your own eyes and ears. I LOVE Sonja, but nine times out of 10, when Sonja is talking about business, well she just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. The worst part is she believes her own hype! Every time her mouth opens to do with business, she fabricates a new one! Is she that naïve to think that we can’t do some basic sleuthing and discover that these new business ventures aren’t real, more like some figment of her imagination, and call her bluff? Oy vey!  

Bethenny is finally getting what all of us ladies were trying to tell her when we were in the Hamptons. 

Lu and Dorinda's pedicure...I love Dorinda’s attitude. She doesn’t care that John was out without her. He probably invited her along, she didn’t care to go. Dorinda has been through so much in her life, she knows not to sweat the small stuff. “Who cares?” as my nanny would say, LOL :)

Oysters and Sancerre with Carole--How cute is my outfit here (just Miss Carole was very late for this dinner. I had already had two glasses of wine before she arrived. That’s a lot for me!

Carole lives just around the corner. No idea what took her so long? #ADAM? It was great to get the scoop on what was new with her and dish. I had no idea she was still seeing Adam. I say good for her, they are both single, and Lu’s niece had been broken up with him for a while, so what’s the big deal? It’s really no one’s business.

It’s sweet that Sonja decided to plan a trip to Atlantic City for Ramona's birthday. It seems like Sonja has turned over a new leaf and is being more sensitive and supportive of Ramona. Thank goodness! AC seems like a perfect getaway to help take her mind off things! Ramona, did you say that “all the girls have not been supportive of Sonja”?! PLEASE! You feel the exact same way we do: concerned for Sonja and confused.

Wait! Am I invited to Atlantic City?! LOL!

It’s interesting that Dorinda points out that John can be inappropriate at times...wish I had gotten that memo!

Kristen Taekman

It’s really sweet to see Dorinda and Hannah together at home. You can tell that they are very close. Dorinda seems to really understand Bethenny. I like the “peeling back the onion” philosophy. It’s perfect.  

It’s interesting that Dorinda points out that John can be inappropriate at times ...hmmm…wish I had gotten that memo!

I started a blog about a year ago. I think when you go from stay-at-home mommy, who does modeling gigs every now and again, to mommy with kids at school, your life shifts gears dramatically. It comes so fast. It’s just you at home with all of this free time. One can only exercise so much, right?

Even at 38, I still really love modeling, and I’m passionate about it. I decided that with Last Night’s Look, I could create my own job! I go into my closet, put some looks together, mix and match, and then…model! I enjoy mixing high and low fashion and love finding an awesome piece at H&M or ZARA and sharing it with you all! I love that this blog has really taken me back to my roots and allows me to utilize all the things I have learned from modeling since I was 16, including wardrobe, styling, hair, makeup, and photography. 

When I first started modeling in New York, I would do “test” shoots with photographers to build my portfolio. Most of the time, these young up-and-coming photographers would shoot on the streets, because they didn’t have studios. Manhattan offers an amazing backdrop with so much dynamic and unique architecture, and the streets and neighborhoods each have their own flavor. I fondly remember the experience of shooting those test shoots. How ironic is it that I am now taking those experiences and applying it to how I do my blog? Everything happens for a reason, there’s no denying it. I have worked with some of the best makeup, hair, and stylists in the city. I have learned so much over the years that I thought it would be fun to share it all. Last Night’s Look is based on what I wore last night, but the beauty of that is that it's everything from pajamas to a ball gown!

Check out and follow it for beauty and fashion tips, fun New York locations, and Mommy reality.

Sonja’s showroom with Bethenny...Wow this whole thing is just so uncomfortable for me. Are you having a hard time watching this? Poor Bethenny is trying to be nice, even for can tell she is uncomfortable. Sonja even seems somewhat hesitant. Is it me our do all of her “partners” seem like paid actors?  No one has answers, there is not an article of clothing anywhere to be found, only lots of pretty sketches. “We are in talks with retailers, but we can’t confirm any.” And the line launches in like two months, but they aren’t allowed to disclose any other information? “But know we have the best relationships in the industry.” What does that even mean?  Is this normal? I don’t know a ton about fashion retail distribution, but my instincts tell me they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Bethenny, all I can say is that we tried to tell you. At this point we have all tried to be supportive and better understand her businesses and help wherever we can. I think we need to just let Sonja be Sonja and emotionally support her. I am just not sure what’s so secretive? Hmm…

World Bar...This was the coldest night ever! I remember getting dressed and wanting to wear something warmish... ugh, winter, seems like it never ended.

Ramona was really overly sensitive about Sonja not going over to her. Sonja was drinking and with her boy! I mean, “young man,” and Ramona should not be stressing it and just let Sonja do Sonja and her boy, er, I mean her young man, right?

And ohhhh the push-ups to get those boobs? Come on! WE all know they are fake--just own it! What’s the big deal? Ramona's boobs look awesome, and so does she, better than ever!

I am happy to see that Lu and Carole spoke about the whole “Adam” thing. It seems like all is OK? If two people broke up more than a year ago, shouldn’t it be OK to starting dating again? Even if the new person is a friend of the ex’s aunt? Why not?

Sonja and I dancing with John...LOL! The party was over, a lot of the ladies were headed home, Josh and I ended up staying a bit longer. The music was turned up, and we all had a bunch to drink and were just having playful fun. Josh was sitting right behind John and was laughing watching John trying to get the party started and getting his “extra friendly” on. Sonja and John started dancing, and he pulled me in to dance with them, so we were all having fun, and then John’s hands got a little too friendly and that was a cue that it was time for me to exit…it felt very deja vu from a night last year with Aviva’s dad...

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