Ramona Singer

Ramona thinks Sonja and Alex should have held back, but she knows it's easier said than done.

on Apr 14, 2011

OK, Episode 2 here we go! Where do I begin?!?

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First of all, I believe in the gays right to marry. In the last episode, I said gays should have a choice. I do not always express myself well with my words because growing up was a war zone with my dad's non-stop abuse and we never spoke or had normal conversations in the household. My sister is gay and I love her dearly! All gays should have the same choices and rights as straight couples -- to marry, to have heath care benefits, etc. I could not attend the march, but I deeply support the cause.

I was surprised at the passion that came from both Alex and Sonja. If I was there I don't know what I would have done, as I love them both dearly.

I was even more shocked to see what happened at Sonja's home before I arrived. It was such a heated argument that I don't know if it was the best idea for Sonja to bring up the march as soon as she saw Alex walk into her home. It was not the right time or place to discuss it. As soon as Sonja brought it up, Alex should have squashed it by saying let's have this conversation another time. But easier said then done! As an outsider I can give this advice, but I know I too get "Ramotional," heated, and at times I can't contain myself. It is hard to hold back for the right time or place when something weighs heavy on your mind. I am at fault numerous times on this!