Ramona Singer

Ramona thinks Sonja and Alex should have held back, but she knows it's easier said than done.

on Apr 14, 2011

When I arrived at Sonja's home with my Ramona pinot grigio. I had no clue what went down.

So it is what it is. But I know they will resolve this, as they do like and respect each other.

How wild that Kelly showed up with Sonja to the Gucci event!  What surprised me was my reaction: first being upset, then wanting to include Kelly and make her feel welcome. Kelly is Kelly, and I have learned to accept her.

I still say Kelly is a four-year-old girl trapped in a 40-year-old body. When I was in St. John, I treated her with such patience, as you would a young child. As long as I do that I am able to get along with her. I say this because I find there is such an innocence and naiveté about her. So once I found out she was with Sonja, I did not want her to feel excluded from the table if she chose to stay, and I feel that was the right decision.

Next week I dare to walk the walk in David Meister's fashion show and all the models are wearing my HSN jewelry collection. Most of the jewelry I am wearing on the show you watched tonight is from my newest collection for True Faith jewelry.