Ramona Singer

Ramona owns up to her curt message to Kelly, but has some choice words for the catty chatter.

on Apr 21, 2011

Being honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Women's Venture Fund was something I was extremely proud of. I spoke from my heart and for my full speech you can go to my blog. I will also be posting it on YouTube. I have worked hard at everything and nothing was ever handed to me. It was also a great feeling to show off my newest pieces for True Faith. I was so happy that my family and friends were all there to support me, which now brings me to Kelly…

In St John's I went out of my way to take care of Kelly. I wanted to keep her calm and be there for her. I continued to do so after the trip. No one is perfect, not even me, and I have learned to accept Kelly for who and what she is.

So, you can imagine my shock when I had emailed her about this event months before and two days before she says she can't attend. No reason. No explanation. Just can't come.

I was really hurt! So when I got home that night, I looked at my phone and got "Ramotional." I answered just as short and cold as she did: "If you can't support me don't ever expect me to support you". Yes, I should have said I was hurt that she couldn't come and talked about what I was really feeling, but I didn't, so I have to own it.