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What Is Turtle Time?

Ramona explains the differences between "Turtle Time" and LuAnn's music video.

Hello again! As I am writing this, I am thinking how in just a few hours, I will be on a plane to Italy with Mario! We are going to Capri and Positano. These two places are the most romantic locations in the world to us. Romance here we come!!! One of my secrets to a great marriage is to spend quality time alone with your husband. You need time away from family and friends so you are just totally focused on each other.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and for contributing to my very successful HSN show last Friday! When I finished, I traveled from Tampa to Atlanta for two Ramona Pinot bottle signings. A portion of the proceeds from each signing were donated to the Women’s Resource to End Domestic Violence of Atlanta. Thank you to all who came out for the cause. We have now opened the state of Georgia and are in 27 states!!!

Now on to the episode. . .

I met LuAnn for lunch to tell her I couldn't be in her music video. Avery and I had discussed it and she felt it would be too embarrassing for her. I also felt that it wasn't something I wanted to do. I wasn't comfortable for myself or as a mother. You cannot compare having "turtle time" to a music video."Turtle Time" is in the privacy of your home or a place you have fun with your friends. It means cutting loose, having some Pinot Grigio and even dancing. Who doesn't like to dance and have fun (in privacy)? That's hardly the same as a music video that will be on the internet forever.

LuAnn kept getting very testy and defensive with me. I hate when she makes her digs. So, when she was being snarky again with her inference to my marriage and relationship with Avery and everything else, I gave it right back! I was not going to be bulldozed by her.

It is not for me to judge, but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! I know that LuAnn loves her children very much but she parents differently than I do. All I know is that what I do works for me. Avery is currently attending Oxford University for the month. She is taking finance and economics courses by their professors (she will receive college credit). She is very responsible, focused young lady who is also an honor student. She gives back by helping children. She donates her time at a nursery school and book drives. I am beyond proud of her.

I had a blast doing the dance call with Avery! I brought Alex and Sonja and the four of us really enjoyed ourselves. It was fun yet intimate and a good time was had by all. I value the time I spend with Avery. Doing the video would have taken me away from her for too long. This was so much better!!!

Tonight I was wearing my Sunburst necklace paired with Diamonds by the Yard for True Faith Jewelry.

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Heather: I'm Obviously a Glutton for Punishment

Heather talks about how she's tried to help Sonja, and why she's letting Bethenny take the reins. 

Back to Business 

I’ve always tried to be on Team Sonja. And to contradict her recent blog, I don’t ever, have never, and will never stand on a soap box unless I am advocating for a charity or helping others. I also don't preach, and I don't judge another. Strong opinions, however, mostly in areas I am well versed, I do often have. These are simple facts about me. 

I have been down Sonja "Sexy J" Morgan's rabbit hole before: spending valuable time, energy, and favors on her pursuits, unfortunately, to no end. I was not at the lunch Sonja referred to saying the girls haven’t been supporting her, nor was I picking on her at this event. I was simply not in the know that Sonja had sourced a group to back a fashion endeavor, hiring freelance consultants and a designer to pull a collection together. And I was surprised to learn from Bethenny that she had. I was interested to learn more about it and lend whatever I potentially could. But, 'The Countess' boomed in and, as the case often goes, things flew off the rails. And it's frustrating. 

Meanwhile, Bethenny may "suck at relationships," but she did a great job delivering succinct and solid advice to team Sonja about timelines, vendor partners, and the simple laws of supply and demand. She can also handle a bitchy fashion chick like a champ! 

But back to Sonja...please, dear, if you are going to call me out on anything, please let it be that I'm an obvious glutton for punishment! Why do I even care?! Having worked in the industry for over 25 years and launching my own successful brand Yummie by Heather Thomson, I’ve been around the block enough at this point to offer valuable knowledge to someone just starting out. And I've always been eager to help Sonja, so I would have thought she would have wanted to hear my thoughts on her new venture?  

I’ve genuinely wanted to see Sonja focus and succeed.

Heather Thomson

I’ve genuinely wanted to see Sonja focus and succeed. As a group, we’ve all been waiting for so long to see something actually come to fruition from Sonja Morgan’s many, many pursuits. Personally, while I'm eager to see more in this new venture, I’m still rooting for her Nigerian Football team--that one remains an all-time favorite, but I’ve yet to be invited to a game or to this showroom. I would take the call, though. 

What's real, or not so real, is that spring has sprung, and so have Ramona's boobers! And a visit to any retailer, or even a website--where one’s spring 2015 collection would potentially live in all of its glory--may lead one to think not much has changed, but it’s a journey nonetheless.


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