Ramona Singer

Ramona explains the differences between "Turtle Time" and LuAnn's music video.

on Jul 14, 2011

It is not for me to judge, but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! I know that LuAnn loves her children very much but she parents differently than I do. All I know is that what I do works for me. Avery is currently attending Oxford University for the month. She is taking finance and economics courses by their professors (she will receive college credit). She is very responsible, focused young lady who is also an honor student. She gives back by helping children. She donates her time at a nursery school and book drives. I am beyond proud of her.

I had a blast doing the dance call with Avery! I brought Alex and Sonja and the four of us really enjoyed ourselves. It was fun yet intimate and a good time was had by all. I value the time I spend with Avery. Doing the video would have taken me away from her for too long. This was so much better!!!

Tonight I was wearing my Sunburst necklace paired with Diamonds by the Yard for True Faith Jewelry.

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