Sonja Morgan

Sonja comments on the restaurant industry, Kelly's "lady bits" comment, and the pecking order.

on May 20, 2011

Ramona again! Diva b---h? I love that!! Admitting to a pecking order. LOL What is a diva? Seriously acting like a diva and being one are two different things. This is NYC and if you watch the show and want to really know how it is, there is a pecking order. When someone introduces you to a clique, you do not throw them under the bus and call them crazy when they have always been exactly the way they are. Use them? Then toss them aside? I don't think this is karma that will work for you. When you start a new job, you do not diss the boss of 20 years because you will get fired. Not everyone gets a reservation in the hot restaurant. You must pay your dues. Like it or not there is a pecking order. Pull your own weight. Get it or get out of the game. Ask me and I will tell you the truth.

I loved seeing Jill and Cindy bonding in the back seat while Kelly and LuAnn were sharing. So nice. I love to see real relationships building.

I've been to Canyon Ranch. It is so wonderful. I go to the one in Arizona and the one in the Berkshires every once in a while. I went much more in the past when my budget allowed. My favorite now is the New Age in Neversink, NY. It's a down-to-earth yoga retreat that is a little more spiritual and low key, with juice fasting and colonics. Bethenny goes there too. If we ever get a minute, we will go together. It's a flash to the past, but it works, so I go every two months to remember what is important to me and to ground myself. I usually go with my beloved sister.

Ramona I agree, if you know something great, share it! That would be Dr Sharon Giese. Alex doesn't do anything cosmetically, but I think she should. She is young, but you have to prepare for the future even if you have good genes. I love the heat machine. Everyone should try it.