Sonja Morgan

Sonja covers her breakfast with Cindy and LuAnn's ill-fated lunch with Ramona.

on Jul 14, 2011

Fun episode with Lu Lu's video. Turned out I couldn't go. Anyone who knows me knows I'm geographically challenged. I don't like going to Tribeca, Govenors Island, Quogue, and now Atlantic City, when I can just be ensconced in my home with family and the menagerie of pets! I really am married to my house!

My daughter didn't want me to leave her overnight during the week. Or even a whole day away. I am with her everyday after school and it's precious to us to have that time. The after-school snack when we perfect our toaster oven recipes for our book, homework, and then the time we relax together until bath/dinnertime/bedtime is priceless. I want her to know I am there, though not perfect. They grow up so fast, and I hear eleven is crazy! There will be a time she won't want me around so much?

I also have so much going on in my life right now with my divorce, and movie deal that went south, on top of managing my household, that my time is strapped.

I can see Alex and Ramona are not dying to support LuAnn and her video. Let's face it we are all so busy with our families, business, charities, and we just can't attend everything we are invited to. One really has to streamline it down to have anytime left over for themselves in fact. Me time is so important!

I was glad Jill and Kelly were going. That should make a good video! Very glamorous at minimum. How funny was it when the director couldn't say anything but great? Come on! Wrap your arms around this project.

I love working out at the Equinox. I do the spin, yoga, and mini trampoline classes and it's within waling distance, of course. Ramona can be hard core so I play it up a bit so she doesn't push me too hard! I have her number after all these years. LOL!