Sonja Morgan

Sonja commends the ladies that made up this episode, and has advice for those who didn't.

on May 5, 2011

I ran downtown 35 minutes away from my home to Cindy's neighborhood, in the middle of my business week, to meet her for lunch while she shows Vivienne Tam (and the whole store) her teeth. She shopped just fine, but couldn't have lunch with me for 30 minutes?! I was starving and didn't even know we were shopping first. Cindy described a trunk show at the restaurant outside. I was not happy. I can eat alone uptown in fabulous restaurants.

I have been noticing Cindy's comments about my businesses, homes, and my staff. It seems like she is judgmental. It is not respectful to dance with people you don't know when invited to someone else's home. It was awkward to say the least.

Well, sorry to hear LuAnn and Ramona bickering. I love Ramona's jewelry and know that LuAnn took home a beautiful bracelet that night -- compliments of Ramona! Glad the Countess admitted that Ramona's wine is delicious. It is very good!

I just want Cindy to be comfortable around me. But at least I stand for something. Stand behind someone, and don't criticize everyone and everything. I will tell you personally how I feel. I have had many friends and colleagues for decades, and for better or worse they know they can count on my word and that I say what I do and do what I say. You may not want to hear it, and I don't blame you! I can be a lot to take at times.

Regarding Jill's, Cindy's, and Kelly's comments: I know they like to pick on Ramona, but it's just not fair.