Sonja Morgan

Sonja commends the ladies that made up this episode, and has advice for those who didn't.

on May 5, 2011

Here's to letting go! Thanks Jill. Alex, how do you feel? So do you want to go back to the fun place? I do! Especially if this group is going on a trip together in the future.

Ramona, just take your pinot with you next time, even if people laugh! I had champagne for Cindy, even though I drink the cheap and cheerful prosecco myself, and she didn't even thank me. Why does she want to fight with Ramona?

Why is Cindy saying Ramona is not authentic? That her core is not good? That's not nice. Ramona says Cindy takes things too personally. Maybe she is right. I don't know Cindy, but I know one thing, no one should take anyone's time for granted. We are all busy, with our businesses, charities, homes, family, friends, and pets. We all have passions, and ways we want to spend our free time. Be gracious.

I hope Jill and Alex and can move on, and be friends.

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