Sonja Morgan

Sonja talks truthfully about her beef with Cindy and her financial status.

on Jun 3, 2011

Hello folks!

The drama continues in Morocco. It still appears to be cut as LuAnn's trip, when we were co-hosting. More to come. . .

After flying overnight from New York to Casablanca, and then flying to Marrakech, then a van ride, and then arriving at lunchtime, Ramona and I powered through the day without sleep starting with our fabulous lunch at La Mamounia by the pool, then back to the house to do fittings with the designer, cocktails with the designer after he hung up his measuring tape while the brunettes dressed, and then Brad's party that we had just been invited to!

But we are troopers and we are up for anything!

Especially on the first day of vacation Ramona and I tend to burn off the extra energy after being cooped up on a plane all night. Point is we had a ball, but it was a long day. This tends to happen when you travel with a large group.

I was blindsided when the fortuneteller said other women had eyes for Mario. Not because I don't know this -- he is an attractive man in an enviable marriage, but because it brought back painful memories of my own separation, and it made me emotional. I don't want any woman to go through that. I had an amazing marriage and family life, was full of confidence, yet one has no control over others. You can have the best husband in the world, yet outside influences and circumstances can tip the scales.

I also have my doubts about where this fortuneteller came from. It may have been a hoax.

LuAnn and I were co-hosting this trip together, and I had planned a lot of activities. That first morning after the never-ending day into night we wanted to finally regroup and discuss. Therefore LuAnn wanted to sit next to me on the way to the souk. Why does Cindy get in the van and insist on sitting next to me after she said she was upset with me the night before? It's clearly bogus, just as the supposed abuse that she said she got from me in the van with Ramona the night before. That clearly never happened. I am not aggressive and it would be totally out of character for me. I think this clearly tells you that no one took Cindy's hangers either! The fun banter in the van was meant to break the ice between her and Ramona.
That was my intention, just as my invite to tea was to try and help Ramona and Cindy.