Sonja Morgan

Sonja doesn't apologize for who she is -- and rises above those who criticize her.

on Jul 26, 2011

I cringe when I see that argument between Alex and I. It really is a testament to our friendship that we got through it. LuAnn is right. Alex and I weren't close before, but we got closer after the fact realizing our future together is more important.

Kelly gets upset when Alex is nervous? Why? Because it makes her uncomfortable? The question was why is she belittling Alex's feelings and calling her weird. That's not nice. But I think when Kelly is nervous the adjectives just come out. She herself said she is not comfortable with 1970s-style feelings.

People think that I pay for the parties but they are comped. The restaraunts are happy to host my clientele, because they are notable and can afford highend restaurants. Also I am happy to give them the exposure. Its a win-win for both of us. I love any excuse to celebrate love and life. I'm blessed to have both! Also a lot of my parties are for charity, and the vendors donate things or a portion comes out of the ticket price (per usual in the world of charity functions).

The best comment from Kelly is when she says she has no idea, and it's not her business when she is referring to her comments about my house not being mine, or clean or organized. She can say that again. What would make Kelly make mean-spirited comments about me? I have been nothing but kind and respectful of her -- protective in fact. I broke the ice between her and Ramona before we went away because I wanted her to be comfortable after our last trip. She said she gets uneasy around powerful assertive women, but this I deserve?