Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares why she had the burlesque party and what she thought of Jill's commentary.

on Jul 8, 2011

This is a really fun and meaningful episode for me. Almost everyone on my "team" is in this episode. I couldn't do all that I do without the support team. The social media and shooting the show, while taking care of my daughter, home, and businesses. Plus my charity work takes up a lot of our time. All of us!

Cesar Gaviria is easy to spend time with and easy to look at! The people I spend time with are the most important to me at the end of the week. Of course we have a goal, and it is work -- but I need to be comfortable, and I need those around me to understand me.

Cesar is fun, caring, and sensitive. We met when I did a high fashion shoot with award winning photographer Franck Glenisson from Paris. I was impressed with Cesar's professionalism. He takes inventory, treats the clothes with respect, puts everything back where he found it, and has a way with the team that makes him a pleasure to have styling me. He also does so much more by making sure everything goes smoothly, and I get in and out safely.

How much fun was our shopping trip downtown, Ramona? Can't believe I went downtown. LOL. You know me and geographic challenges. I really am a housewife. I am married to my house and really prefer to walk everywhere and get back home to save time. Ramona looks outrageously good in the bustier. And she's 54 years old! There I said it! Her daughter outs her this episode anyhow. I find her inspirational. She really has it all.

Oh my this man from the eyelashers basement was my twin. He was a girl, or a girl who was a man, I get so confused. But, anyone that knows me, knows I don't care really, nor do I care if you have teeth, or bill collectors calling, or are balding, I just want real.

Jill getting her bagel, newspapers, and catching the train is such a NY slice of life. And the Metro allows dogs. Yippee! Amtrak doesn't allow dogs. Bummer! Ally is such a good kid. I enjoy any time I get to see her, and now that she's a sexpert we will have so much to giggle about!