Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares why she had the burlesque party and what she thought of Jill's commentary.

on Jul 8, 2011

I love when Ally brings up her sex class. Jill grabs the bread and does what every nervous mom does. . .eats! Ally definitely trumped her mom in that scene. Jill's face was priceless.

I dread the driving lessons. LuAnn is very cool and collected. I won't be, for sure. I'm Chicken Little and always imagine the worse. I would have lost it! Especially when the rear tire was on ice! I don't have the constitution. Save that for the Dads, along with the vaccinations. Remember going to the pediatrician for those?

I love when Avery says her parents are never home. This means they went from dinner five nights a week to three because! I happen to know they spend a lot of time together. My daughter will be just like that for sure. I was very touched when she read the poem. My daughter wrote me a poem as well that I will share on my Facebook page.

Chris March is hilarious when he says "What did I do to deserve this punishment?” LOL Just my hair is punishment! What's up with that every episode? I should have kept the wig!

You didn’t get to see my practice with Jo "Boobs" Weldon! We rehearsed how to take the gloves off and other tips for burlesque. She is so good. Best tip? Take it slooooow. Check out her school. Also her The Burlesque Handbook is very helpful if you want to spice things up a bit. Who doesn't? It also has some history of burlesque. FYI I loved the movie with Cher. Catch it if you can.

My friend Tina Hillstrom from Beverly Hills came in to help me with the skit. She never misses a party, wherever I have one. She is great fun and makes a fabulous Black Swan, She is very creative and used to do make up for Christian Dior, so she did her own. She also made her own costume and is the owner of Wanna Wear by Tina OLisa Vanderpump has been rumored to wear her dresses as well. But ask Tina!