Sonja Morgan

Sonja addresses she and Alex's reconciliation, dating, and Ramona's softer side.

on Apr 21, 2011

LuAnn and Jacques Wine Connection was such great event, and I am so grateful that they invited me. I had such a pleasant time, and their friends were charming. I also have to say, the wine was delicious and a cut above. I used to buy the wines for some of my restaurant clients, so I fancy myself as a good judge. I've done a lot of wine tastings!

Oh! In flattering one man I insulted all the Tauruses of the world. I should tell, my best friend in Paris is a Taurus. She is one of my daughter's godparents. So I do love some Tauruses! I am just an incorrigible flirt!

Drunk text? Kelly has no idea that Ramona doesn't know the meaning of spell check on her phone. She types so fast and does five things at once, plus her phone is ancient and at times fires mid-sentence. I know because I've seen her do it and have received such messages.

Kelly looks so good in her vest and jeans, if there had been eligible man on the island, he would have asked her out -- if he had the nerve. Supermodels can be intimidating.

It's not Simon's fault he got cold weather! He probably thought Governors Island was a novel destination, a nice change, and fun for the kids -- especially with the ferry. I'm sorry the weather turned on them.