Sonja Morgan

Sonja addresses she and Alex's reconciliation, dating, and Ramona's softer side.

on Apr 21, 2011

David Meister is flipping out because it's his name on the collection. Artists are always passionate like that. His dresses are off the charts gorgeous! Ramona looks so good and I love the sexy squint on her. I really enjoyed myself with LuAnn and was happy we could support Ramona together. Ramona is a great sport to get back on the horse after what happened at her first infamous runway show. Thank you David Meister, even if you only dress Ramona exclusively. LOL. I get it! LuAnn wore him the year before, so hopefully I will get my chance. Thanks David for lending me the red dress for the evening in support of Ramona.

You see? Ramona is a softy! She gets a little attention from Jill, and it means so much. She just wants to be loved.

LuAnn is with her kids on the weekends so she misses a lot of our charity events in the city, and I miss some of hers when she has events during the week and I am with my daughter. I just barely made it in time for the Wine Connection after my daughter's school concert.

I was so proud of Ramona for being honored, and I was happy to be a part of it. I have watched her accomplishments over the past couple decades and know how hard she has worked to be where she is today. I remember us paying off our school loans, dating, buying our first cars, buying our first apartments, seeing parts of the world for the first time, starting our first companies, step by step. Ramona has always supported women making a difference in the work force and being able to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Alex's hair made such fun for us that night, and I thought she looked great. She and I had a blast that night and her modeling has put rocket fuel into our lives!

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