Sonja Morgan

Sonja debates why grown-ups don't like surprises and her role in the Moroccan adventure.

on Jun 9, 2011

Since Ramona's father died, she only wants authentic relationships in her life. I know her friends, and she has lot of supporters who have been with her for a long time. When in need she will be there. It may be tough love, but she will be there. Ramona has to be tough because nothing has been handed to her, and there is always someone trying to take it. People have been tough on Ramona on the way up. I know the exact feeling. She and I bought our first homes, started our first companies, dated, travelled around the world, and did our charity work, all at the same time more or less as single ladies in NYC. After we married and had children, we were in slightly different worlds. I was mainly in CT and France, and she in Southampton and different parts of Europe at different times. After I married, I gave up my Southampton place, but have now returned after our split.

"Just by being there and listening," as Ramona says, is everything to me. I try to do that by riding the wave, breaking the ice, and hoping over time people will see who I really am. While I am privileged, I didn't just get lucky overnight and assume a life of leisure. That notion couldn't be further from the truth. I have always, and continue to, work my tail off. I can tell you first hand, it's not like that. If you want glossed over, go to a movie or wait until my sexy (behind closed doors) novel comes out. LOL! That's what I do when I want to relax!

Why did LuAnn say I didn't want a henna tattoo? I got one, with all the drama, no one noticed!  My tattoo also got ruined! They take a long time to dry.

I stayed up all night with LuAnn one night. She was getting upset that I was spending all my nights with Ramona and Alex. Plus we were upstairs and had a beautiful balcony, while the brunettes were downstairs. It is wonderful under the stars at night! As I wrote in my blog last year, I love to sleep outside.

Once LuAnn invites Alex to stay, whoops! she has to be open to what Alex has to say. Alex said "Please come to me when you are finished." She meant "on the side in private." But I have to admit Alex's entrance was a bit like the show Dynasty!

I can't help but feel sometimes that, for whatever reason, LuAnn has had it out for Ramona. She makes her digs about her jewelry, her dresses, the checklist for the riad, and her wine. None of this helps Jill and Ramona on their already bumpy path.

Alex is always there for Ramona, so Kelly shouldn't say she shouldn't be with Ramona now. Alex was making a point that no one wanted to hear or acknowledge. Honestly, I could have told Alex that was going nowhere. But, she has to vent, I have seen it, and I am happy if it keeps her healthier. She did have her point, and I can't say LuAnn and Jill didn't deserve the blowup. Kelly just wanted to make it all end, I guess.