Sonja Morgan

Sonja debates why grown-ups don't like surprises and her role in the Moroccan adventure.

on Jun 9, 2011

In this episode you see the designer was not upset with Ramona. He had a great time with us the time before when the girls were upstairs dressing. I was just trying to cheer Ramona up bringing her there early. I felt bad. She took a beating from the girls over and over, the past couple weeks, all while working hard at her businesses, and taking care of her family and homes. We were just borrowing the dresses. So they didn't actually fit perfectly. Of course LuAnn and Kelly are tall as the day is long, so everything looks fabulous on them! I ended up giving my dress to Jill because hers didn't fit well either. I was happy to wear my magnificent Sarbu Kaftan anyhow.

I believe that sometimes Kelly misreads emotions. To say Alex is sad not angry is not fair. It's for Alex to say how she feels Again, I think she just wanted to make the heated situation go away. She didn't mean to belittle Alex's feelings.

Alex is certainly not known for her timing but she was coming from a good place and standing up for Ramona and no one really cared to hear it. I felt bad and was surprised Cindy cared. Maybe this is how Cindy feels when she blows up. Maybe I have the key to Cindy?

We didn't know about dinner. LuAnn did not tell me about dinner at 8 pm. We only had a snack at 4 pm. We thought it must be a buffet like breakfast since no one came to us. We became ravenous upstairs and said lets go down. "Where is dinner?" When I have guests they can join or not, as Kelly said but I make sure everyone knows what time. Seriously, who wants to miss dinner?

Kelly's gets a strange read on things at times, and doesn't feel others pain. She said last season that emotions are so 1970s, and that she is not comfortable with feelings. She is totally missing the boat in this situation between LuAnn and Alex as well.

I find it hard to believe that Cindy hasn't seen other ladies react this way. We've all seen her fly off the handle in inappropriate places and times in an aggressive manner. This doesn't make her a bad person, but I'm just sayin'.

I don't understand why LuAnn continues to berate us when Ramona comes in. Alex had just informed her that we were not told what time dinner was. So weird.