Sonja Morgan

Sonja debates why grown-ups don't like surprises and her role in the Moroccan adventure.

on Jun 9, 2011

I set up the cooking lesson! Cindy continues to reach out to me. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel for our friendship. She's rolling with my jokes now, and not taking them as insults as she was before. My joke that she needed her staff to help her cook her one dish went over OK. Maybe she is starting to see I come from a good place. I hope so. I told her we should keep our disagreements to ourselves, and private. I think she knows that to be true now. Look at LuAnn and I. LuAnn has opinions different than mine at times, but she knows I'm not out to hurt her. I'm just a Sagittarius like Jill. Foot in mouth at times!

I have a chicken tangine recipe for the toaster oven. You crimp the ingredients in foil, or use a piece of French crockware for the "tangine" pot. Then just add the Moroccan spices with oil, and some water, and you are all set.

My caftan during our Egyptian makeup session is Lorena Sarbu. More to come on that story.

Pink champagne. Love it! I have to say I look a little fed up at this point in the trip. Don't ya think?

How does Jill go from champagne to Diet Coke? She is so disciplined! We were very lucky to get into this restaurant, and I pulled some strings so I wanted to enjoy it, and have my friends enjoy it. After dinner, LuAnn and I hung out inside where there was a three-piece musical group and we sat on the floor on pillows. We had a ball!

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