Sonja Morgan

Sonja takes a breath, but not before clearing up the drama, "snitches," and why she would never skip dinner.

on Aug 2, 2011

I don't think it is nice to put down Ramona for using the wrong word while complimenting her stepdaughter for overcoming her facial birthmark. She meant well. It takes a lot of nerve to step up and compliment someone on such a sensitive subject in the first place, and I like to support those people who mean well. I don't think Ramona should be ridiculed for her faux pas.

Or how she pronounces "Veneto"! All that matters is that she is selling an affordable wine that is easy to drink, tastes great, and goes with every dish. No one needs to know more than that! Ramona never pretends to be the expert!

As far as LuAnn's video: At first, I was concerned about how my scene in a towel opening the door for the hotel boy was described, but then that was cleared up by the producer. But I was so tied up with business, my legal battles, my housekeeping in NYC, and, most importantly, my daughter didn't want me to leave her during the week -- and I didn't want to leave either. These are the best years of her life, and I am loving them.

When Alex went downstairs in Morocco, Ramona had reached a limit. She was broken. She was so picked on! The acoustics in that house with the stone and the echos really made it more dramatic.

None of us knew about dinner time. I would never miss dinner!

I like LuAnn's hair shorter. Like Jacques. Don't you?