Sonja Morgan

Sonja thanks her support system and discusses the fetes in this week's episode.

on Jun 23, 2011

This was a wonderful episode full of fun, family, and friends. Victoria and Avery are both wonderful girls and will go far, I'm sure.

Both parties were extraordinary. I wish I could have gone to both but my day was busy, so I chose to go to just Avery's nearest my home, and where I had planned on going for the longest time. Ramona had been planning forever and had been sharing the process all along. She had a private room off to the side out of view from the Sweet 16s.

I understand Avery had reached a moment where it was time for us to move to the private "parents room," but for Kelly to get between Ramona and her daughters relationship is wrong and to make further comments was wrong. I would have let Avery vent on me and left it at that. I would not make more out of it then it was.

I know LuAnn would have loved me there for her daughter's party but she always cancels me last minute, so I am sure she understood. We have that kind of social friendship. If we make it, great, if we can't it's fine.

Jill's sister, the lovely Lisa Wexler sent an email and offered to help with my financial situation, which is kind of her. Unfortunately, my many separate cases besides the Chapter 11 filing make for a complex situation, because they many times impact each other. Prioritizing has been difficult.

I have always put my daughter, and our time together, first. Whatever time left is devoted to my family, friends who are there for me, dating, my divorce process, my finances, and maintaining our home and gardens. On top of that is my charity work, movie business, my writing, cooking videos, my new gig on RHONY, and sharing my toaster oven recipes and lifestyle tips, appearances. Whew! Oh, and one should always make time for themselves, even if it's a bubble bath, a download yoga, a book, or a walk. Health is everything.

Ramona introduced me recently to Jeff Landers. He's Divorce financial Strategist and the president of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, which exclusively helps women like me going through a financially complicated divorce and/or women who need financial planning. He is helping me put together a "Master Plan" that will get me back on track and keep me there going forward once I gain my footing. Part of my problem has been that I didn't have one trusted, qualified person to coordinate all my legal and financial issues synergistically. Finally I found that person.