Sonja Morgan

Sonja rejoices in the love in this episode -- and the love lost between her and Cindy.

on Jul 21, 2011

Can you believe this? Season finale!!? That went fast.

How fabulous is it that Natalie Cole is on our show? The Countess is so cute whens she is jumping up and down for joy. I don't blame her. I'm so happy for her and to see that side of her. It's refreshing!

Ramona's dog Coco is such a good dog and very loved. My dog Millou just turned 17 years old this past Sunday, July 17. He is recuperating so well from his operation, though he can't get up and down the stairs of the house or up and down from bed, so I am carrying him everywhere. This dog has been so good to me and has held up so well. It's a miracle this is all that ails him now.

Ramona and Mario are so funny talking about another baby, and Avery is so cool about it. She is such a good kid. She really, really rolls with it.

I like that Alex has the manners to leave the table to take her phone call. It's the polite thing to do. I always say she's the ambassodor of our group. I could learn from her. I'm also happy to see LuAnn include Alex for her special event. That's nice. I love LOVE!

I'm excited Alex has restarted her modeling career and with a boom! She is booked up! Go gurrrrl.