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Sonja Morgan

Roll With It

Sonja rejoices in the love in this episode -- and the love lost between her and Cindy.

Jul 21, 2011

Can you believe this? Season finale!!? That went fast.

How fabulous is it that Natalie Cole is on our show? The Countess is so cute whens she is jumping up and down for joy. I don't blame her. I'm so happy for her and to see that side of her. It's refreshing!

Ramona's dog Coco is such a good dog and very loved. My dog Millou just turned 17 years old this past Sunday, July 17. He is recuperating so well from his operation, though he can't get up and down the stairs of the house or up and down from bed, so I am carrying him everywhere. This dog has been so good to me and has held up so well. It's a miracle this is all that ails him now.

Ramona and Mario are so funny talking about another baby, and Avery is so cool about it. She is such a good kid. She really, really rolls with it.

I like that Alex has the manners to leave the table to take her phone call. It's the polite thing to do. I always say she's the ambassodor of our group. I could learn from her. I'm also happy to see LuAnn include Alex for her special event. That's nice. I love LOVE!

I'm excited Alex has restarted her modeling career and with a boom! She is booked up! Go gurrrrl.

Going South
Going South

Sonja covers her breakfast with Cindy and LuAnn's ill-fated lunch with Ramona.

July 21, 2011 The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 / Episode 15 / Sonja Morgan
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Sonja, I just love you and Ramona 2 are something else...honestly when I watch you's like I'm with my girlfriends. ..too much fun. I really enjoy the show this season with you and Ramona....forget the rest of the girls.....I do like Alex too.

I like most of the ladies pretty much, but you are my overall fav for being all fun and no (very little) drama. Cindy was way too casual in the way she approached the breakfast get together that you had arranged. Of course she should have postponed or taken a lengthy call elsewhere. She was being self-absorbed and ill-mannered. But she's young, so her social skills are still evolving eidently!!! LOL!!! She's okay though. Let it go. She's the one who looked bad, not you.

i love that you call luanne lulu! someones been reading lynns blog. Love you. stay real xoxo

The best thing about the end of the season to me is getting a break from bragging. Cindy is right , you say your down to earth in one breath then in the next one you go off in la la land of feeding the churchills. You really need to proud of U! No matter who U may be? Who cares who your pretend friends are? Are they going to help you now? You have way more ego and think your so much better than the little people. You make LuAnn seem humble!

You are so much fun Sonja. Cindy is the most clueless and I'll-mannered woman I've ever seen and she really doesn't "get it" and never will. I'm sorry you've had such a tough year and I can relate. (I was there about 10 years ago and life does go on!) I know you'll come out on top and I hope you find a wonderful man to share your life with. I'd be honored to have you cook breakfast for me!

I think you are cool as Sh*t. Keep your head up girlfriend. Divorce is tough, even when the man is a broke one :) But you are fun and open and God will continue to bless you. I thought you looked really cool in your jeans- LOL.

Sonja, If I invited a friend for one-on-one to my house for meal, and h/she brings assistant along? Cindy has no social skills or understanding, and she won't acknowledge someone else is right (particularly you), and she's wrong. A simple apology from Cindy would have gone a long way, but it wasn't to be. Stop trying to salvage your relationship with her. She speaks another language & it isn't pretty or nice. You don't need to explain to her that you are a business woman - she only understands her world. I enjoy your light hearted crazy fun loving personality. You, Ramona & Alex speak my language, the brunettes don't. Jill, Luann, Kelly & Cindy all seem self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-praising women. Life is short, live it honestly & fully - with love & laughter! That's you!

Love you and your upbeat take on life. So refreshing Sonja. Don't give Cindy and her innate rudeness a thought! She is a complete drip and a downer. Best of everything to you!

YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Love you Sonja!

you are weird Sonja...have fun trying to work the viewers....the only word that comes to my mind with you is strange!!

Sonja, you are my favorite, sad to hear about you dog. Please share the brand of your jeans.

Sonja, you are so incredibly funny. I enjoy watching you. You remind me a little of Barbara Striesand/Fanny Brice funny! May only good things come your way. God speed to you. Cheers!

Love you, love you, love you! You are such a genuine person with a wicked sense of humor. And, you were 100% right that Cindy (that harpy) was 100% wrong! I'm all for Team Blonde!!!

Love you Sonja...don't change a thing !

Cindy trying to start a feud with you is just to get facetime on camera...stick to the high road love your life lessons.

I really like the way you handle things! You & Ramona are my fave. You two are a hoot together!

You looked amazing in those jeans!


You are so light...I really wish I could roll with the punches like you. While drama is all see the good in everyone and even see the good in accepting that some people are just not meant to be good friends. I'm going to try to emulate your spirit today!! Bravo Sonya Bravo!!!!

Love you, Sonja! Cindy is clearly someone with no manners whatsoever. Along with being brassy, she is extremely rude. I am glad you stuck the fork in; she is not worth your time. You have made all the efforts to be gracious and, no, it's interesting to anyone I know. I hope Bravo can see she was a bad choice (she certainly is no Bethanny).

Hey Sonja, My Shih Tzu is 15 and has been so healthy all these years...This summer she went blind becasue of cateracts and deaf becasue of old age...It is heartbreaking and we are now thinking about cateract surgery...What type of surgery did Millou have??? I'm just nervous to put Muffin under because of her age.....

Any Advice???

Thanks Kathy from RI

PS I DVR'd the final episode and will watch it soon....Can't wait!!!

You were enjoyable and entertaining on the show. Very sincere and genuine, unlike several of the phonies!

you and Ramona were hysterical last night !


You are the difinition of GRACE. Few people have it and it can't be bought.

I must admit that my thoughts on you were 'iffy' when I first started watching. The wedding march was my first episode, and I just don't know why you would not allow Simon to speak. However, after catching up and watching the seasons, you have me impressed. I find you beautiful, stylish, and hilarious. I love how you can have fun with yourself! You do have a taste for luxury, but I find you very down to earth as well. That's class. Cindy just floors me. I admit that I thought the 'pecking order' comment was snobbish - it would be hard not to be defensive after that, but you have made several kind and sincere attempts to pass an olive branch. I was miffed she ditched you for lunch because of her tooth. Vanity. I was absolutely floored what she did to you at your breakfast. Ego. I'm not wealthy or powerful by any means, but even I know that's it's rude to take a conference call like that. A 5 minute phone call is one thing, and one does go into another room. A scheduled phone meeting is plain rude, along with an uninvited assistant, along with her snotty shushes to you, my goodness, SOOOO many things wrong. And, she did make it worse when you met her at the flower shop. She thought maybe you could learn something??? That crossed from rude into aggressive snobbery. (just a note: why can't any of you girls admit when you are wrong and say 'I'm sorry.' that would score big points imo) It's also very nice of you to point out the positives in all the girls. That is refreshing,,, and kind. All of my best wishes to you! Stay strong! Stay beautiful!

I just adore you Sonya, you are so down to earth. You have filled Bethenny's shoes well. I agree 100 % with you about Cindy, she had some nerve bringing business to your table.I think if it were me I would have threw her out!

Something is terribly wrong when people can not put their phones down for 1/2 an hour, so they can enjoy a friends offer. Cindy is no friend of yours and I suspect it has to do with your financial problems. I think she thinks less of you. But I don't, I really enjoy you!!!! Good luck Sonya with everything, you deserve better.Have a great summer!!!

You are such a good friend Sonja, love you!!!If Cindy comes back to this show, I think I'll loose it, she adds NOTHING to this show. Her negativity and attitude are taking up time from another fun gal like yourself!!! I wish you happiness, joy & LOVE!!!!

Sonja, You are the best! You're witty, classy, beautiful and yes naughty at times. That's what makes us want to watch you. Great season! Hope things are looking brighter for you in your unfortunate case. You'll come up on top!

I really like you. You are cool, fun, & classy!

Sonja, You are a gorgeous women who is going through a rough time. I wish you well. Yes, Cindy was rude to you in the kitchen but guess what, you have been PLENTY rude to her in the past. I think you should give her a pass, call it EVEN, make up. You do not have to be buddy- buddy but you DO have to be civil. You preach to her and that is rude. You do not know EVERYTHING. Be more gracious. Also knock off the name dropping. So you know a LOT of people, so what??? Who cares?? Not the audience. Many people are poseurs anyway. Good people who love and care for you are what count. Cindy tried over and over with you and like a puppy's master, you just want to rub her nose in the poo. Forget it....and move on. Treat her as an equal, she is you know.

You are # 1 Sonja - I love love love you! So true and gorgeous! I hope you get everything you want in life - you are one of the good ones!

You do seem to know how to roll with life and I admire that. Good luck in your future endeavors. Watching you and Ramona is like watching Lucy and Ethel - two fabulous girlfriends from the early days of television. If the rumors are true and Bravo is going to revamp the RHONY cast, I sure hope they keep you both.

Do you hear that Bravo? Better keep Sonja, Ramona, even Alex is okay to bring back, but ditch the rest of them. RHONY has always been my favorite of the Real Housewives franchise but this season was a decline from past seasons except when Sonja and Ramona were around.

P.S. Sonja baby, the highlight of the season? Your dishing up that cold revenge to Cindy. I laughed my ass off when she was looking for herself in the Morocco pictures. Way to go girl !

sonja, i think you and alex are the class acts of the show!cindy is so tough,almost male in her responses to you!luann is so uppity and i am sorry,i dont think she wrote the book on manners or class.she almost bullies ramona in the scene at the cafe where she makes sure ramona knows she had to come clear across town to see rude was that? i have lost all respect for luann this season,she is very catty.dont let these witches get you down,hang in there cause this show needs a nice person

You are such an inspiration.

I'm glad to see a more humble you. I really liked you at first then didn't like what you turned in to, I hope this is the real Sonja and she stays that way.

Great blog Sonja! You were wonderful, too bad you Cindy wouldn't admit she was wrong. Can't believe the season is over! =( Looking forward to the reunion show!

If we could be friends with someone on the show, it would be you! As viewers now we understand what motivated the "unlike Sonja" behavior and hope that you stay strong, fabulous, make smart decisions and surround yourself with perople you can trust. I wish I could have been invited over to your house for breakfast. If Cindy knew she had this call and most of the time conference calls with staff are set up in advance, she was out of line to bring it to your home. This chick brings nothing to the show. You continue to rock it everyday.

I think you are a real sweetie!

When that call came in to Cindy nd she proceed to discuss business at your table I would have just started to clear the table and asked them both to leave. This is your home not the office!

Sonja, Only the best to you! Your great heart shows through. You seem to try to see the good in everyone. Enjoyed watching you, Alex, and Ramona grow on the show, as well.

You are such a good friend to Ramona. Cindy is totally wrong so don't waste your time. Head up!

You are so funny and beautiful! Love watching the show!

Bon chance, Sonja. we love you

Love you Sonja! You are such a good friend to Ramona. It makes me happy when your scenes are on. you blonde gurls! You really grew this year and I get you. Keep it cool...your way cool.

Sonja you were great this year. Honest, sincere, and a great friend. You know who your true friends are, and those who aren't are not worth having any more conversations with!

sonja, we are sooo happy that you joined the show. what a fun time you bring to this cast. your friendship with ramona is priceless.i love the way you brush the mean characters of luann and jill and cindy off your shoulders,you're a classy lady. i hope you find the love of your life, you deserve it! hope to see you and ramona and alex next year!!!!!!

I love your sense of humour and your abilty to always rise above the passive agressive style of Jill, Luanne, Cindy and Kelly.

Come On Bravo, time to clean house!! Keep Ramona and Sonja and get them some fun freinds to play with for us to enjoy the ride!! Sonja and Romona are the present day Thelma & Louise and we LOVE them!

Hi Sonja, I do like your seem happy and do want to remain friends with everyone. I think your handling your situation very well. I am not in your kind of trouble...but we are going through a tuff time do with lawyer's and lawsuits...we are tring to hang in there also. I do think Cindy did seem very rude at the breakfast you invited her to...I mean if she had business to do why did she not tell you ahead of time...we all understand when you are a single mother and have work oblagations that it's important...but you were being so nice to have her over and her attitude seemed so strange and like she could not talk and chew gum at the same time. I don't know...she always look's like "you said that to me?" I do wish you would not cut Luann off because of Ramona, and Alex... You had to have seen in the last show how she treated Luann at that lunch and insulted her over and over again. Luann did her best not to loose it, and she just showed what class she has and walked away. Hope to see you next season.

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