Sonja Morgan

Sonja talks about her surprise birthday party and the "mean tweets."

on Jul 1, 2011

Here we go again. Wheeee!

I'm so touched that Ramona planned a surprise party for me! No one has ever had the nerve to surprise me! LOL. I couldn't believe that friends stayed in town that Friday for me. I made the joke that Ramona must have said, "You must come!" She probably wouldn't accept no for an answer! Well, whatever she did, it worked out well. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Arthur Backal knows how to throw a party, doesn't he? We danced the night away and I really felt loved. How funny were the pictures of Ramona and I over the years??? Mario really did look like JFK Jr., did you see that?

It is weird to begin with that Simon and Jill have a relationship exclusive of Alex. So for him to ask Jill to get together with him is so awkward, especially now that Alex and Jill are speaking again. I would not want to come between Alex and Jill's relationship if possible, and definitely not now, and I would just let it go with Jill. However, what Alex and Simon decide works for them is up to them. They are a family and everyone should respect that above all.

Whats all the talk of mean tweets? Where are these mean tweets? No one in this group is shy when it comes to snarky comments. I have to see the actual mean tweets to believe it.

What did you think of the Liquid Tech Plumber? Not bad huh?! LOL. I was calling them to send someone on a Saturday because I was hoping for weeks the toilet would soften and not be a problem, and then I had an art show coming up. Anyhow, I finally had a moment to deal with it, and they sent the owner! With no tools! He was probably excited to be on Housewives, or maybe he was just happy to see me? I told him not to charge me. You know when they come for one toilet it is very, very expensive. I usually have a whole list of "to dos " when a workman comes.