Sonja Morgan

Sonja talks about her surprise birthday party and the "mean tweets."

on Jul 1, 2011

Judith Wendell ( was so nice to come over and help me clear the energy fields in my home. I am used to jealousy and people putting me in a box and labeling me without really knowing me. People assume a lot about me and it gets me down at times, but I continue to give back, see the best in people, and hope for the best. What hurts the most now is letting go of the past. I knew my man for seven years, we were married for 10, and we built so much together -- so it's not so simple. I need to be financially independent again like I was before I married. What a tangle marriage can be!

I came up the stairs and thought, "This birthday party is for Kelly." I was in shock! I'm not used to not being in control. To see Bonnie, Janna, Shannon, Tina, Anna, Lucia, and Brian all waiting at the top of the stairs was wonderful. I couldn't get them in the same room, same night myself. I'm so grateful to Ramona for doing this. Ramona and Cindy did have a little bump. I helped to soften that one. Ramona did not want to invite Cindy to the party and I felt bad. I saw glimpses of Cindy wanting to hang with us and have fun even though there was the riff with the brunettes. I just explained that to Ramona, and Ramona is a pushover. She really does mean well, and she invited Cindy with open arms. By the way, where was Lu Lu? For my surprise birthday? Would have been fun to have her as well. She missed my masquerade party too,  but weekends are tough when you have kids.

Kelly saying she is concerned when it comes to Alex doesn't ring true. If she has a problem with Simon, she knows Alex is not going to get in the middle of that, so why ask her? That just puts Alex on the spot. Why doesn't she talk about her relationship with Alex? Why is Kelly saying Alex is not doing so great? Because she lives in Brooklyn? What is that about? Why is Kelly pointing out Alex is red? So mean and unfeeling. When Alex and I had our misunderstanding, I made it clear that Simon could come between us -- but in the context of how it would effect us. I also made it clear to Alex our friendship meant something more important to me than our disagreement. I do hope everyone backs off Alex about her man. It pains me to see her have to defend her union, in fact I still regret bringing up Simon's name at my house for the art party -- that is when our disagreement really escalated that evening. We got through it, thankfully.

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