Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us the scoop and her and Ramona's activities and how she thinks a vacation should be spent.

on May 26, 2011

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of Morocco if you could see if peering over the shoulders of us NY drama queens.

Don't you love the Moroccan architecture and colors? My favorite was Kelly's red room.

Morocco is a very tolerant country, and the people are open and welcoming. As in any country, one must still be careful, especially in the more touristy areas and when transporting.

I wish you could have tasted the cuisine and experienced the aromas. I was enriched by the experienced, was thrilled to absorb some of the culture, and even came up with a tangine dish for the toaster oven using crimped foil and typical Moroccan spices. Hope you like curry in a hurry!

Ramona does need her creature comforts, she works hard, and she deserves them!

The tea service in Morocco is a welcome gesture that is fit for royalty. Tea represents the most refined expression of hospitality and Moroccans take their tea very seriously. Tea is considered a sacred herb. This is one of those subjects Alex was speaking of being careful about. One doesn't want to offend an ancient custom.

The English have always honored their tea service, and I honored Cindy by having her at my home for high tea. Just for her and I. I cooked some cinnamon rolls that she loved in the toaster oven!

I love my bathtubs! If we are in a hotel that offers all the creature comforts, I can rest easy knowing I can take a relaxing hot bath each night with Epsom salts and some nice oils. Ah, me time!

Many times I have someone help me unpack/pack my bags. Is that unusual? Not at all. When you rent a home on vacation it is customary to have help unpacking. It's a vacation, and the job of the house staff is to be sure we have the most relaxing time possible. With this group is it possible?

I packed so light with one carry-on so I didn't need much help. I always have been a light packer since the day I left my large suitcase as a young model in Brindisi, Italy, on the pier on the way to Greece by ferry. I had no choice but to learn how to pack light because I was carrying my own luggage everywhere.