Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us the scoop and her and Ramona's activities and how she thinks a vacation should be spent.

on May 26, 2011

I am laughing so hard at LuAnn's comments. She doesn't get Ramona by now? Or, she just doesn't want to. It's like she's a cat playing with a ball a yarn when it comes to Ramona.

Alex is so right, we have to be careful to not offend when traveling to other countries. We are spoiled as Americans to begin with, and I have to admit having owned and rented homes around the world and running them my way, I am used to things just that way, MY way! I'm no spring chicken, but having said that I still try to grow and be flexible.

Something I am not flexible about: I always stay with my luggage. I have had things go missing from my luggage on airlines, from the car to top hotels, in castles while staying with royalty, and from car to car, plane to plane. You would be surprised, but I have had many experiences and don't want to be burned again. That is why I travel with a carry-on or FedEx things. I am very sentimental and become attached to a favorite hat from a great sample sale that packs well, a ring from Mom, or dress I picked up while traveling on a memorable vacation for example. Some things just aren't replaceable.

The girls were already there a full day and acclimated. We were traveling the whole day and I was exhausted. 

Why are the girls so worried about what Ramona's wearing? She will be fine.

Cindy has already been there for a day, what does she need more hangars for? You just ask the house staff for hangers. All Cindy's clothes have been there and hung. We just arrived. I am starting to see more and more that it is just Cindy wanting some attention and that she manufactures these situations. We didn't even know where the other girls rooms were let alone Cindy's room. Laughable. Especially for Jill and LuAnn, they enjoy it most.

FYI: I co-hosted this trip and LuAnn is acting as THE sole hostess. In fact, it was my idea first to go to Italy and I asked her to co-host!

I just wanted out of the hen house so badly to burn off some energy after being cooped up on a plane, from the plane to a van, that I wanted to get away from their criticism and drama. These girls already had a day of relaxation and they "Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!"  I definitely wanted to see who was in town that I knew at the La Mamounia hotel -- THE hotel in Marrekesh. What a ball we had people watching, saying "Hi" to everyone at the pool from Paris who I know from St. Tropez, and having pink champagne and the marvelous buffet spread there. Ramona and I also knew the concierge there would give us the lay of the land. We found out very quickly that Morocco is a westernized country, and we could dress the same way as at home unless we were at a holy site. Especially at private homes, restaurants, hotels, we had nothing to worry about. They encourage tourism and want everyone to feel welcome. They were thrilled to have Real Housewives of NYC in Morocco.