Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us the scoop and her and Ramona's activities and how she thinks a vacation should be spent.

on May 26, 2011

When I am on vacation I like to have a good time! Especially the first night I arrive. It's the blow out night! Morocco isn't Vegas but they have some great hot spots and like to party like the rest of us. Remember our first night in St John? That was Turtle Time!

Kelly it's my house, it’s not my husbands, and it’s mine free and clear. I don't know where you are getting your information. I am maintaining a house in Colorado that I built with my Ex and I own a house in France. So while my divorce continues to tie up my assets and the cash investment I have made in them, I have a tight divorcee's budget! I guess Kelly doesn't feel its up to her standards. I don't know Kelly's story because I don't count other peoples money, but if she got the marital homes and a nice settlement from her marriage she should be happy and more sensitive towards my situation. If she lives in her husband’s house, it's not my business. I don't care whose house she lives in, and how she got it, she can still hang with me and have a good time without me being judgmental! If it was always her house, I am happy for her and hope she can keep her children in it as long as possible, as that is what I am striving to do and why I work so hard. I want my daughter to live in her childhood home as long as possible and for her to have that stability. I know my husband wouldn't live in my basement though. He lives in his own houses or a hotel. Again, it's great she has a wonderful relationship with the father of her children, and I wish her the best.

I believed Brad when he said this country is gonna love Ramona. Was that meant to be a joke? I found the country more than tolerant.

Vacaaaation. Do you drink on holiday? Do you go out to lunch? Ramona and I said we would be back in two hours, and we were. We were dead tired from a day of travel though. Consider us troopers. We are always ready to rally.

Jill is hilarious with the snake on her head. Looks so good on her. Dahrlling!

I would ask Marc Jacobs to put a log on the fire. I would ask any man in the room and Marc Jacobs is a man! I wrote in my last blog that I worked with Marc at Charivari boutique, modeled for him, and I can say he would have no problem with me asking him to put a log on the fire! I would ask my friend Prince Albert to put a long on the fire! Talk about being pretentious. Please, why are people pretending to be different than a bunch of ladies on vacation?

I was so pleased to be invited to that fabulous home in Morocco. How can you insult the host? Again. Dear Jill, it was nice of Brad to invite us. Period. I don't care if he owns, rents, or if it's a bread or breakfast. He was gracious to host us and provide entertainment with fun people. I love to dance, and I, for one, don't sit around like a bump on a log.

Cindy and I had a lunch date that never happened. She asked me to come down for lunch! Can she still not admit we were supposed to have lunch and she lied? Even on the doorsteps of Vivienne Tam? I asked if we are eating when I first arrived on the doorstep because I was starving and she said yes, knowing she was not going to have lunch with me because she had a cosmetic dental appointment. She showed her teeth to millions of viewers and Vivienne, but could not have lunch with me anywhere in the neighborhood. I wish she had just called me before and said I can't do lunch, so don't come 35 minutes downtown!