Aviva Drescher

Aviva discusses her phobias, Ramona's gift, and Heather's assistant.

on Jun 25, 2012

As per Heather's assistant emailing me and Carole about a lunch date. I should have known more about Heather before opening my mouth. Heather has a LOT on her plate. She has two children, one of whom had a liver transplant and requires special care. Heather also runs Yummie Tummie and now is a Real Housewife. She can have as many assistants and assistant's assistants email whoever she wants. The woman is BUSY, and I should have gathered more information before passing judgement.

Approaching dinner on another rooftop! Who picks these places?! It is cocktail time AGAIN. Getting the point here folks? How humiliating that my fears are exposed once more. It was so kind of Heather to hold my hand while I was getting through a speed bump. I hope she did not feel uncomfortable. (And how in the world can she email her friends for lunch if she has to hold her friends hands to get up to rooftops!) As I watch myself and my neurosis (Woody Allen-style) I wonder if I should have been more discreet about them! I could have swallowed the lump in my throat upon seeing the rooftop situation instead of holding Heather's hand. However, it is what it is, and maybe some of you can relate. Anyone else out there with fears? Misery loves company.

London wasn't going to work for several reasons. Too short notice with the children, too many women that I had just met, and too much anxiety. . .Would Heather had held my hand for takeoff and landing? How could I have even asked. . .

I know you may be a little fatigued by my anxieties. They are quite tiring. There is a lot more to me than wearing a prosthetic leg and a closet full of fears. At least I am out of the closet with them! It's a work in progress. . .

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