Aviva Drescher

Aviva shares how she got involved with One Step Ahead and how she hopes she can inspire young amputees.

on Aug 20, 2012

Most children need a new prosthetic one to two times per year depending upon their speed of growth and activity levels. One Step Ahead raises money for children who need prosthetics that insurance won't pay for. It is a god given right to run as a child. If running legs are what's needed, we try to make them available for kids who cannot afford them. Teenage girls should be able to wear high heels if they choose. Teen years are a formative time where self esteem and confidence are built. Whatever the need: athletic environments, cosmetically pretty limbs, running legs, skiing legs, or swimming limbs -- the money raised with One Step Ahead helps children and teens to receive them.

Our goal is to help disadvantaged children become advantaged and give them the experiences to help better define themselves, before allowing anyone to define them., as well as to create a stronger sense of self confidence that cannot be taken away. We want them to grow to be strong, happy, and to learn that when they reach their limit they can dig deep and give more!

I thank Bravo for capturing and viewing what has always been important to me and our community. I could never have reached a fraction of the amputees and the physically challenged that I do without this show and its viewers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Also thanks so much to SoulCycle and Stacey Griffith for donating their space and time to One Step Ahead.

For more information on One step Ahead and to make donations, go to OneStepAheadFoundation.org