Aviva Drescher

Aviva shares what she thinks makes a party special and laughs off her fall.

on Jul 16, 2012

This quote reminds me of Sonja's new catering company. Sonja had just started her catering business and was kind enough to give my party a whirl. In order to succeed in anything, one must try, fail, and keep on trying. It's just like falling and getting up again. Those who succeed in anything fail many times and keep on getting up again. I am so grateful that Sonja pulled out her resources to help with our party. I hope she keeps on trying until she gets it right. I believe that Sonja can do anything she chooses as long as she acknowledges her weaknesses.

As far as parties go, I am not concerned with pomp and circumstance. Often parties become stages for judgement and lose any flavor of meaning. Is a party about the food, entertainment, and decor? Or is a party about making people feel welcome and happy? My favorite part of any party are the speeches, the picture slideshows, or anything with depth. Therein lies the substance and character of a party. Of course to achieve beauty, taste, fun, and character all in one is optimal, however, as long as guests feel comfortable and have a good time, I am happy. At our anniversary party, despite my tumble and the sketchy music, Reid and I had a great time with our friends and family. (Our children attended for the first 30 minutes.) We had never thrown a party for ourselves and this was so special for us. We are grateful for Sonja's efforts and all involved. A special thanks to Alina Eisenhauer who made the cake, which was a true work of art.