Aviva Drescher

Aviva doesn't think Ramona needs to go to rehab, but she does have some choice words for her behavior.

on Sep 24, 2012

Do I think Ramona needs to go to "rehab?" No. I am certainly not the appropriate person to comment on people’s drinking. I’m not an expert, but my mom died six years ago of alcoholism. I’ve seen the havoc and devastation that alcoholism can wreak, and it makes me overly sensitive to heavy drinking. I need to remove myself from that topic as it is too close to home. The footage speaks for itself, and I will let you be the judge.

Here is what I do think about Ramona:

She is rude and insensitive to most people most of the time.

She prioritizes her “turtle time” before anything else.

She will stop at nothing to cover up the truth. She will lie, discredit people, run away, or over-talk to deflect attention from her bad behavior.

Ramona brags that she is “honest,” but honesty without kindness is sheer brutality. Honesty doesn’t give one a license to be rude and cutting. I learned that lesson. Ramona, however, seems to relish slamming others, both to their face and behind their backs. With that kind of honesty, I think I’d prefer polite deceit.

At the time of the breakfast, I had finally had enough of her appallingly rude behavior, her mean verbal assaults cloaked as "honesty"(for example, spreading vicious gossip about LuAnn’s family, condescending to my catering staff in Miami, calling Sonja an "airhead", telling me when to get out of the pool etc.) and utter lack of self-reflection. There are so many solid examples of her treacherous and disturbing behavior, which I will not enumerate here, but suffice it to say I felt so stupid that I had ever attempted to defend her. It’s my fault for overlooking things for so long, but my eyes are now wide open.