Aviva Drescher

Aviva explains why she loves Carole, why she could care less who Harry was with, and what she thought of her first one-on-one with Ramona.

on Jun 12, 2012

It was nice for us to get to know the Schindlers. Reid and I tend to gravitate towards other couples who have strong marriages and who are good to one another. And the Schindlers seem to be that kind of couple. I brought up my ex-husband (Harry) being in real estate as a point of common interest between us. It might sound salacious on TV that my ex-husband had relationships with some of the women, but frankly when I am sitting next to Reid and I am happy as I can be, I could care less. It is worlds away from where I am now. As long as Harry's and my son, Harrison, is happy, I am happy. Harry has a lovely girlfriend right now named Georgia. She is good to my son in every way. I am thrilled.

As you could probably tell, Carole and I had a blast shopping together. One of the best parts of this show was becoming friends with Carole. Carole is intelligent, funny, and experienced. Nothing shocks Carole, which makes her easy to talk to. Most of all, she is not judgy. Carole has a calm about her and an appreciation for humor. Carole is a real girl's girl and vintage shopping was filled with fun and laughter!