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Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year


Aviva wouldn't mind if Sonja married into the family, but she does mind a cruel set-up.

I invited the Singers to Miami to have a good time and also to get to know them better. Last minute, I invited Sonja because I thought she just might connect with my father. Contrary to what Heather said at the brow salon, this was not a trip where I invited everyone and excluded one person. I invited two people out of five. I certainly don't think anyone felt left out on this trip. Comparing the London invite to the Miami one is, in my opinion, comparing apples and oranges.

I like to set people up with each other. At the end of the day, if a love match does not happen there is no harm done. Friendships can be made and more setups can come about through the two people who may have just become friends or acquaintances. There is always an upside in meeting new people.

In this case I thought Sonja and my father may hit it off because my father, for starters, is around the same age as Sonja's ex-husband. Sonja and my father are both VERY into sex (or at least they both TALK about sex a lot) and they are both wildly funny. My father is good-looking, well-read, and very animated. At a minimum, I knew Sonja would be entertained and have a good time. At a maximum there would be a match. Usually it's just a dinner and no harm done either way. I also thought Sonja could be a really cool stepmom.

Speaking of dinner, I don't know what to say about my father and mother-in-law dining with us. (Once again I am leaving the country with flying phobias and all!) Was my mother-in-law hitting on my father? Did my father really bring up vibrators??? That is IT. No more wine at family dinners. See why I did not give my dad the scotch he asked for? They say there is no such thing as a functional family, but in my opinion, this dinner has redefined "dysfunctional!"

Is this stuff happening at your family dinners? If so, please share with me on Twitter @avivadrescher or Facebook. Please let me know if you have uncomfortable family dinners like this one or if I am just a saint to put up with this insanity???

My husband is so different from my father. Did you see Reid's face as Ramona ate her food? Hilarious! I did think that Ramona was set up by LuAnn and Jacques at the wine tasting. One of Ramona's businesses is wine. So many things could have gone wrong when Ramona did that tasting -- luckily she "passed" the test. Mario had been complaining to Reid all week about the wine episode, which is why we discussed it at dinner.

Of course my father told me to order the hot dog. I am starting to think that the hot dog setup by my father was far worse than LuAnn's wine prank to Ramona! He is such a devil. And you haven't seen anything yet. . .Can you get over the previews? I cannot and I lived through it!

Thank you for watching and reading. I always enjoy your opinions and feedback.