Aviva Drescher

Aviva reflects on her first season as a Housewife and answers viewer's questions.

on Oct 16, 2012

@mamecastle: @AvivaDrescher I wanna know specifically when did you have your moment of clarity that you needed to apologize to the girls?
Answer: I knew the minute that I name called in St. Barths that I was wrong. I immediately said, "Oh s---." It wasn't until I saw the footage of what happened when I wasn't there, that I had gone WAY WAY overboard.

@zharasun: @AvivaDrescher If you want to come back, ur relationship with your ex is going. ur dad for to rehab for sex addiction? How's the charity?
Answer: I am still in court with my ex-husband. My father is not in rehab for sex addiction YET. . .(LOL). The charity is doing so well!!! Raising so much more money since doing the show!

@RHODC_FANS: @AvivaDrescher if you could do this season of #RHONY ovr again what would you do differently? Love u by the way. Great new HW.
Answer: Thank you! I regret going overboard in my dramatic antics. . . Additionally, I regret the way my amputee status and fears were portrayed. I have maintained relationships with people for 20 years who had no idea that I was an amputee or that I had some phobias. . .When the show aired several people approached me shocked that these issues even existed. . .Flash forward, somehow on the show, I am depicted as being defined by both. In part, this is my fault because I was trying to raise awareness. . . Perhaps it was overdone. By the same token the phobias and leg, which in reality are very much in the background of my life, on the show became front row and center. I am very sad that this occurred because it is not all who I am. It is my very nature since childhood to put all that leg stuff in the background and live life to the fullest. I still do. The silver lining is that despite the overdone message, I have been able to impact so many people especially children.

@PiazzaAlexander: @AvivaDrescher what was your biggest fear about coming on the show and how did you handle it? What have you taken away from the show?
Answer: My biggest fear was how the show would impact my children. I spoke to Bravo about my children and I was cautious. To date, they are totally unaffected by the show except when I am writing these blogs! (Wink.) One of the things I have taken away from the show is that everyone has really different opinions. It is incredible! I also learned that there is a lot of love in this world.