Aviva Drescher

Aviva reflects on her first season as a Housewife and answers viewer's questions.

on Oct 16, 2012

@Kerry1040: @AvivaDrescher Is the show scripted and do they tell u what to say and fight about?
Answer: The show is not scripted and production does not tell us what to fight about.

@thillygirl: @AvivaDrescher I want to know how you know Bethanny and do you still see her?
Answer: I met Bethenny through my childhood friend in PR named Jake Spitz. I see Bethenny if I bump into her. She is the person who is largely responsible for my "Housewife" status.

@meow_catfight: @AvivaDrescher i want to know how you stay in shape & keep your ass looking so fabulous! #sojelly
Answer: Thank you! I eat a high protein diet and workout on the stairmaster from time to time.

@FUTUREMRSHEEMAN: @AvivaDrescher I want to know about what makes you Happy in life and what you love to do in spare time
Answer: My husband, children and helping others makes me happy in life. I spend most of my free time with family and good friends. Reading, excercising, and exploring NYC are some of my favorite activities.

@JoszefDola: @AvivaDrescher -You should touch on your involvement with GLAAD & how involvement w/filming #RHONY affected your role as a philanthropist.
Answer: I am so happy to be involved with GLAAD. The LGBT community must be cherished. Fear of differences is fear of life itself. History must be remade with regard to the LGBT community. Acceptance is everything. My RHONY role has helped my efforts towards raising money and awareness for the causes which I advocate for.

@AnnBram: @AvivaDrescher Let's hear more about your dad, Aviva! Seems like a pretty interesting guy to say the least.
Answer: To me he will always be dad. He was a great nurturing and inspiring father growing up. He was always my hero. He defines the American dream a bit. He grew up very poor and educated himself to be an accountant. He landed clients like John Lennon, the Beatles, Woody Allen, Stevie Wonder, etc. He is very smart, well read (he reads a book a day) and totally inappropriate! Kind hearted and loving man.