Aviva Drescher

Aviva reflects on her first season as a Housewife and answers viewer's questions.

on Oct 16, 2012

@SamDyas: @AvivaDrescher do regret doing #rhony??
No, not at all. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that enabled me to help others on a large scale.

@LA_SUZANITA: @AvivaDrescher I would love to know more about your "green living" & what products you use & avoid for your kids.
Answer: I buy organic fruits and vegetables. Organic chicken. Grass fed beef. Careful with fish. (Low in mercury.) I try to use cleaning products, creams, soaps, etc. without chemicals.

@schillings7: @AvivaDrescher How about your family! Would love to hear more about the kids and your parenting style!
Answer: We believe in love, love, and more love!!! And boundaries. Reid and I like to have boundaries to make the children feel safe, but we don't like to overschedule them. They need downtime. We expose our children to as many different activities and cultures as possible. We want the children to know that the world is made up of lots of different and beautiful people!

@schillings7: @AvivaDrescher Also do you treat your anxiety naturally or with meds? Any tips on how to control it would be much appreciated!
Answer: I find Omega-3s, calcium magnesium, and all the Bs to help with anxiety.

@dinky42765: @AvivaDrescher about how you could give so many people hope in their lives to overcome major tragedies
Answer: Life is limitless. Everyone can do their personal best. The race is with yourself. Even in the most dire of circumstances, happiness and love can be found.