Aviva Drescher

Aviva apologies for her bad behavior in St. Barths.

on Sep 10, 2012

I was a jerk. It was a pretty tough week for me in St. Barths. I own all of my behavior and I am not going to blame anything on editing or some other BS excuse. I do want to give a little more background and rationale for some of my outbursts.

I heard that one of the women might ask Reid to leave when he arrived. So when I heard Reid, who I was so grateful to for making this trip, was potentially going to be mistreated, combined with the fact that my nerves were frayed from the plane ride, I lost it. Additionally, attacking my husband is like attacking my children. The mama bear came out in me.

I am a little sick of hearing myself say that the world should have thrown a party for me getting to St. Barths. My problems are certainly no worse than anyone else's, and I have no right to impose them on anyone. I get that I sometimes get a little dramatic and sarcastic. The point I was trying to make (that I wished my friends were happier to see me than upset that they would catch a glimpse of Reid here and there) has been long lost. I found myself annoying to watch through the last two episodes!! Cringeworthy. I own it! I own it! I own it!