Aviva Drescher

Aviva laments her middle man status, her tight schedule, and the Ramona situation.

on Jul 2, 2012

Speaking of uncomfortable, I really disliked being a referee between Heather and Ramona at the clothing store. Next time I am charging a mediation fee or taking a phone call outside like Carole did.

While the girls are planning their trip to London, I am so excited thinking about a potential anniversary party. As I wrote above, family is what makes me happy. When discussing with a collaboration with Sonja, please note that when planning dates and parties, I was subject to a very packed schedule. Dates are often out of our control because of so many schedules, trips, etc. Unfortunately in order to have the party when all of the ladies could attend, the schedule was determined by higher powers.

I am having so much fun interacting with you all on Facebook, Twitter and through my Website. You feel like an extended family and your feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for watching, reading and interacting.

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