Aviva Drescher

Aviva is disgusted by the ladies behavior (and attitude about Reid) in St. Barths.

on Aug 27, 2012

Who were Ramona and her sidekick to utter a word at all??? And let's not forget that Ramona KNEW that Reid was coming before I ever left New York and, believe me, he was not interested in being around this group of pent up cougars. We had discussed it! The house was HUGE with separate entrances/exits for each room So what was the problem? Why such insensitivity towards me and my family?

The ganging up on LuAnn to shame and intimidate was terrible. Did you see Ramona berate Carole for having Russ over??? Ramona was concerned that it was HER first night??? This was Carole's trip, and she hadn't seen her boyfriend in months!!! Does Ramona ever stop and think of others? Who behaves this way to a friend? To a hostess??? This looks like spring break for cougars. Not my style and certainly not worth dragging my husband on the plane for.