Borough Beat

Episode 12:'s Editor weighs the validity of a dermatologist appointment as an excuse.

on Aug 20, 2012

Hello New York fans. When last we saw you, we were following Ramona down a dark hallway, pondering the validity of Jacques' accent. But did you know that fou is French for crazy? Do you think Mario would have been less upset if Heather had lobbed that comment out in another language? Let's dissect.

Rumble in the Bronx

What is the etiquette on telling someone that their spouse is crazy? Is it best to mention it one-on-one? Behind closed doors? In front of all your friends? Or maybe never?

It seems like never would have been best for Heather, as Mario didn't take to Heather's dig against Ramona too kindly. Nor did Aviva, who called Heather "indefensible." My favorite part about this entire debacle was that Ramona and Sonja were off going to the bar and actually enjoying themselves while the rest of the crew dealt with the aftermath of the Ramonacoaster. You have to appreciate Ramona's rebound rate. The woman doesn't not waste time staying in the muck.