Borough Beat

Episode 17:'s Editor laments George's ejection from Ramona's party and Sonja's loss of her portrait.

on Sep 24, 2012

Hello New York fans. We’re closing in our final moments in Manhattan this season. But of course before it’s over we’ll have a few more confrontations -- including one between Ramona and George. I didn’t see that coming. Who would have known that a lover like George could also be quite the fighter. Let’s recap.

The Queens of the Runway
We open with George and Aviva on the hunt for their homeopathic meds. George is trying to introduce Aviva to his latest conquest but thankfully his need for libido medications distracts him from describing too much in detail how this latest love looks like an African American Aviva.

However AAA (as I’ll now refer to her) is not the only one in his sites. He’s got plans to email Carole. And I don’t think he’s just going to send her that hilarious "Gangham" Style parody, well even if he does it will include overtures! Of a sexual nature!

But Aviva doesn’t have time to monitor George’s internet usage. She has to jet to help Heather with her charity fashion show. And by help, we mean walk in Heather’s runway show. Yup! Will she have the runway prowess of Ramona Singer? We’ll have to wait and see. . .

Personally, I'd like to see their beef settled with a Zoolander-style walk-off. But personally, that's how I like to see most beefs settled.