Borough Beat

Episode 17:'s Editor laments George's ejection from Ramona's party and Sonja's loss of her portrait.

on Sep 24, 2012

Rumble in the Bronx
Next we see Aviva and Ramona having a post-St. Barth’s lunch. A lunch that apparently only came to pass because of -- Harry Dubin. Yes, Harry was apparently rung up by Detective Singer as she quested for more information about Aviva’s panic disorders and such. This did not sit well. And so she needed as much chamomile tea as she can to steel herself up for a brunch visit with RS. Ramona’s tactic to keep her cool: keeping her sunglasses on.

Things immediately don’t go well. Ramona urges Aviva not to raise her voice. And then the accusations of trip ruining fly. Oh and so do the naked spooning accusations. Yes, Aviva claims she saw Ramonja entwined in a nude embrace in the night, adding another level to their definition of “girls trip.” Ramona feels Aviva can’t be without Reid. Aviva feels Ramona can’t be without alcohol -- and with Sonja to look worse than her. Then there’s some confusion about driving and metaphors (m-e-t-a-p-h-o-r) and driving to diarrhea town and mirrors.

And then Ramona has her “appointment” and has to book it out of there. She’ll see Aviva “when she sees her.” Yikes. What could bring them back together? Could it be George (it’s not George).