Borough Beat

Episode 17:'s Editor laments George's ejection from Ramona's party and Sonja's loss of her portrait.

on Sep 24, 2012

Manhattan Major Moment
And then at a charity event on another side of town, Ramona is helping to raise money for the Domestic Women’s Abuse Center. As she points out, abuse comes in many forms -- including girlfriend abuse. Hmm, wonder whom she could be speaking of?

As the ladies arrive, they start to question if Aviva will be coming as well. Using our context clues a) the event is on the 150th floor b) when last Aviva saw Ramona they got in a massive spat and she gave R diarrhea, I’d think she wasn’t coming. Of course, I did appreciate Carole mentioning that she doubt’s anyone could traumatize Ramona. Agreed Radzi, if it is possible it must be very, very, difficult to do.

And I was right! Of course, I was wrong as well because George shows up. What?!? I mean this is a great place for him to meet some ladies, but perhaps maybe it’s inappropriate for him to be there? Well he does have the money to drop off and his daughter to defend, so he’s going to do his best to resolve their scrap.