Borough Beat

Episode 13:'s Editor does the unthinkable -- she tries to recap all of the 'Wives antics from the first leg of their St. Barth's trip.

on Aug 24, 2012

St. Barths, St Barts, St. Barth's. However you spell it, it's happening now! We've waited for eons for its splendor, and now it's finally time. Our favorite NYC women (minus Aviva for now), hopped into the tiny plane and made it to the bougiest place in the Caribbean. I'll abandon my NYC-centric wrap up this week in favor of simply choosing the most pinnacle, amazing, delightful moments that nearly left me "coma toast."

However, as a recapper, that task is harder than usual. There are simply too many morsels of joy in this episode. There are too many amazing retorts, cries for pool toys, sparkly dances, and shocking twists for me to get my tiny arms around. I’m going to try for you my babies. Because I am inspired. Like LuAnn I am not some regular pirate woman -- I am above and beyond.

Moonin' Around with Ramonja
After finding that Carole has stayed at this very locale before, and more importantly finding that Jean-Baptiste and Tony are up to Sonja's standards of hot service men, the ladies begin to settle in.

The house is insane! Maybe the most delightfully ridiculous destination in Housewives history -– two pools, plenty of noodles, really divine sleeping quarters with insane views. Of course the Bobbsey Twins lay claim on the master suite, because they need their room to “moon around.” Never was a more apt description uttered. These two can moon around with the best of them, showering, dancing in the mirror (as we later see), having private cocktail hours. It’s best to keep them conveniently located, plus didn’t we all see Ramona propose? It’s serious.

If you need more brief, please watch this bonus clip of Ramonja unpacking/mooning around.