Borough Beat

Episode 13:'s Editor does the unthinkable -- she tries to recap all of the 'Wives antics from the first leg of their St. Barth's trip.

on Aug 24, 2012

Of course, there aren’t enough hot waiters in the world to stop the toaster over castara, and the gals all make various excuses to get up from the table so Sonja and Heather can hash it out. Thankfully before too long the argument cycles back around to the important thing –- how hot and not-gay logo man James is –- and things seem almost calm when Carole’s manfriend Russ arrives.

Of course, Ramona puts on perfect behavior, and Sonja is her charming self so there was no need for Carole to be nervous. How could Russ have not adored this batch of loons?!? Of course, the other gals all begin to pine for their fellers and give Radzi some grief. However she’s not having it. She is always with their husbands so y’all just shut it! This was a rendezvous.

Sonja Day
To keep anyone from feeling too planny, each wife will take a turn planning a day. Day 2 is Sonja day, which means the "it" beach, pink champagne, and trying to restrain Ramona from taking a “Japanese tourist” number of photos. After the proper number of banana rum shots, we uncover a new mystery (Carole used to date Clooney!), wonder if Ramona has spookish, and ponder just how many men are inside the restaurant that Sonja would like to meet.