Borough Beat

Episode 13:'s Editor does the unthinkable -- she tries to recap all of the 'Wives antics from the first leg of their St. Barth's trip.

on Aug 24, 2012

Soon enough it’s nightfall giving Sonja and Ramona reason to do a little preparty bathroom dancing (they even let LuAnn join). It’s good to practice. You just want to make sure you’re going to look tops once you’re in action. Plus “we have a party no matter where we go” is the Ramoja mantra. They'll get their wish to dance on a sturdy table soon enough.

We arrive at the bar and meet the very handsome Tomas. Tomas looks just like Johnny Depp, in case you didn’t hear LuAnn mention it. Under the influence of Tomas and tequila the ladies join the show, with Ramona quickly mounting a stage and then the ladies getting into full pirate garb for a special performance of their own.

As our favorite pirates contort their bodies and force their pelvises to walk the plank, we notice that LuAnn isn’t as integrated into the dance scene as the other ladies. She is off looking for special treatment. She’s “not like your other pirate women, OK?” She’s “not just any pirate woman.” She’s The Countess people and a member of the Native American community OK. Don’t mess with her!