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Episode 15:'s Editor tries to asses all the Tom Cruise, topless, return to sender goodness from the final St. Barth's episode.

on Sep 10, 2012

Trilogies are tricky things. How do you keep the momentum going for three solid editions? How can each installment be better than the last? Is it humanly possible to have three perfect installments that are all as splendid apart as they are as a whole?

Not the case with the gals’ trip to St. Barths. Every instant of this trip was jam-packed with action, topless ‘Wives, pirate lookalikes, comments on the attitude owning a private island gives you, suckerfish pedicures, and ridiculousness of such high levels that I secretly wished the women would never return home. Could something happen that would force them to stay on this island for a thousand years? Because it’s really a whole lot of fun to watch.

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We open with a psychology lesson from Ramona Singer -- men change dynamics. She sees you munching on blueberries Reid Drescher and Russ Irwin. She knows what you’re up to. However there is something Ramona, the armchair psychologist, doesn’t know -- what is white trash?

“Welcome to my trailer, Hello, I can have a good time.”